SLO Voice for Measure to Repeal Rental Housing Inspection Ordinance

Dan Carpenter

My name is Dan Carpenter, former Vice Mayor for the City of San Luis Obispo. I just finished serving the final few months of my second term in office. During my tenure I've witnessed my colleagues support of onerous regulations that continue to erode personal rights. In 2015, this City Council on a 3-2 vote adopted the City's Rental Housing Inspection Ordinance. One year later the same three council members reaffirmed their commitment to impose this invasive and discriminatory ordinance on renters in our community.

I've opposed it both times recognizing the violation of Fourth Amendment rights by authorizing intrusive interior administrative inspections without cause. The inside of everyone's home is the last sanctuary of privacy left and we must protect it at all costs. This ordinance discriminates against renters, a selected class of people identified through their current housing status. Additionally, the cost of registration and inspections are typically passed on to tenants increasing the un-affordability of housing in our community. This ordinance must be repealed and I encourage you to join our effort.

I don't personally own any residential rentals and therefore have no financial benefit in the repeal of this ordinance.

Dan Carpenter
Former Vice-Mayor, City of San Luis Obispo

About the Initiative

The initiative REPEALS IN ENTIRETY, Chapter 15.10 of the San Luis Obispo Municipal Code entitled "Rental Housing Inspection" and adopts a new ordinance which prohibits the city from imposing inspections and other programs upon rental homes and tenants.

Read the Full-text of the Initiative.

We need 3,919 valid signatures by March 14, 2017 to qualify our initiative for an election. That figure is 15% of 26,122 registered voters in the City of San Luis Obispo.


We've spent $32,000 and desperately need a final $9,000 in the next 30-days to finish by our March 14 deadline. Contributions assist with the cost of printing petitions, mailing and distribution, and signature gathering. Printing and mailing are really expensive and we sure need your help!

Latest News

We're almost there! Almost 10,000 petitions have hit the streets and hundreds have been returned. We need about 1,000 additional signatures to finish strong. Please contribute if you can, and if you'd like to receive a petition by mail, please contact us and you will be added to the list. Please supply your name, residence street address, and indicate how many voters are in your home/work/neighborhood that you'd like to collect signatures for. We'll send you enough petitions to collect as many signatures as you're up to collecting. And... THANK YOU!


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Let's Roll!

We need:

  • Business (or other) locations where people can stop in and sign petitions.
  • Signature gatherers. Your block, or your entire neighborhood.
  • Contributions are extremely helpful.
Please contact us if you can assist with any of the above.